Acne on the chest – we suggest how to get rid of it

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Acne at any age is very problematic. Pimples on the skin always look unsightly. Moreover, it is often a very serious problem that we cannot deal with. Check out how to get rid of acne on the chest!

Acne on chest – the bane of women

Acne appears suddenly. On the face, we can sense that something is hiding under the skin, while on the chest it is not possible. However, the good news is that it can be effectively fought.

Let’s start with what the underlying cause of acne on the chest is. The primary issue is hormonal imbalance. In second place we put lifestyle and hygiene, and in third place genetic predisposition. As for lifestyle, it is worth paying attention to whether the clothes we wear allow our skin to breathe, and whether they do not have harmful dyes. Moreover, the fit of the clothes is also important; if they are too tight, pimples are more likely to appear on our body.

Diet has a key influence on the overall well-being of our body. To avoid pimples, bet on a healthy diet. Cut out from your menu processed things, with a lot of sugar and salt. If you exclude these types of foods from your diet, the condition of your skin will surely improve significantly, however, it is not the only thing that influences the appearance of troublesome acne on your chest. Several factors have to work at once.

How to get rid of chest acne?

For women who often experience pimples in this area, the best thing to do will be properly selected skin care. On the chest, as on the entire body, there are pores

When we apply lotion, powder or highlighter to this area, we clog them. Often, when washing off makeup in the evening, we forget about the chest. It is worth changing this. The skin on the neckline should also be exfoliated. It is enough to wash this area with soap and water every time you remove your make-up, but once a week apply a delicate exfoliating scrub. Why should it be gentle? Because the skin in this area is very sensitive and something stronger can irritate it. Light scrubbing foams and cleansing bar soaps will also work well.

Prevent sweating

Especially for people who have a problem with eczema, frequent changes of bedding and pajamas are important. Also, don’t forget about your towel. Sweat and bacteria collect in these places and after long contact with the environment, they simply grow mites. Such a mixture is simply explosive for the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of hygiene, not only your own, but also our surroundings.

Change the towel at least once a week, and the bedding once every two weeks. Of course, in summer you should do it much more often. As for pajamas, choose natural fabrics, which will let your skin breathe and absorb sweat. Pajamas should be changed every day, during the night the body sweats more intensively.

Pimples after workout

Working out hard obviously produces a lot of sweat. This is when pimples often appear on our skin. How do you fight them? Simply change and wash your clothes every time. It is worth buying breathable ones, specially designed for training. We say a categorical “NO!” to polyester outfits

Also remember to choose a towel for the gym. There are special models that dry quickly and you should bet on such.

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