Caffeine in cosmetics – what is its function and what products can you find it in?

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The precious properties of caffeine were discovered many years ago. It is most often associated with coffee, because it is thanks to caffeine that this drink has a very effective stimulating effect. However, it is not only the popular brew that uses this extremely valuable ingredient. It is also used more and more often in cosmetics, because it has numerous beneficial properties for the skin.

Cosmetic properties of caffeine

Nowadays caffeine is very often used in cosmetics. No wonder, as it has many valuable properties, which have a positive effect on the condition of hair and skin. Caffeine works great in hair care, because it accelerates their growth, prevents hair loss and effectively facilitates their modeling and combing, which is undoubtedly a great advantage especially for people with problematic hair type

Caffeine also has an anti-wrinkle effect, which makes it a perfect ingredient for face creams. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which will especially delight those who struggle with any imperfections such as acne. This ingredient also helps in the fight against cellulite. All this, therefore, makes it can be found in many cosmetics on drugstore shelves.

In which products you can find caffeine

Most often caffeine can be found in body care products. Very popular are all lotions with this ingredient, because it effectively firms the skin and prevents the first signs of aging. Thanks to the last property, any anti-wrinkle creams with caffeine in the composition are also popular. This ingredient also works very well on hair. You can find it in various types of conditioners and hair masks and shampoos

Although there are many cosmetics with caffeine available on the market, the most popular among them is coffee scrub, which provides a large amount of this ingredient to the skin. An additional advantage of such a cosmetic is that we can make it ourselves at home using coffee and favorite oil

Does homemade caffeine scrub have the same properties as the one from the drugstore?

Caffeine peeling is mainly used to exfoliate the epidermis, firm the skin and get rid of unwanted cellulite. It’s been scientifically proven that caffeine is very effective in its action, but will a peeling made at home work as well as one bought in a drugstore?

Well, everything depends on the composition of such a cosmetic. The undoubted advantage is that when you prepare such a scrub on your own , you can be sure that the products used for its preparation are of high quality, you know their origin and properties, or simply fully know the composition of such a cosmetic, and in addition you can decide for yourself what exactly you use for its production.

Drugstore cosmetics, in turn, often have a broader composition and more properties. Most often robusta coffee is added to its production, which has more caffeine than the popular arabica used at home. In addition, the scrub made by professionals is dermatologically tested, which gives a greater guarantee that it will not harm us. The most important thing about such caffeine peeling is that it should be done systematically. Only in this way will we be able to get results and effectively restore your skin to a beautiful appearance.

When choosing cosmetics containing caffeine it is very important to check how much of it is in the product. Often we will have to pay a bit more for a good composition, but it is definitely more worth it. Unfortunately, for the effects of using a cosmetic with caffeine to be visible, its content must be quite high. It is worth remembering this, because too low a concentration of this ingredient will practically not affect the condition of the skin and can only discourage the use of this type of cosmetics

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