Do you know how water sports affect our body shape?

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Summer is fast approaching. It is the perfect time for water sports. Surfing, kayaking, or maybe just swimming – these activities have a great impact on our figure and fitness.

Sport is health – this saying is not an empty platitude, but a fact. Without physical effort our body would be limp, weak and without strength. Of course not every activity is for everyone, we have to choose it according to age, our predispositions, possible illnesses and of course our preferences. Sport should bring joy, and not be a torment, because it will not bring the expected results.

Which water sports will have a beneficial effect on our silhouette?

There is no such physical activity, which practicing would not bring some benefits for our figure. Any effort is better than complete stagnation. Flaccid muscles make themselves known, pain can be troublesome. Therefore, it is worth introducing even small exercises to your daily schedule. The holiday season is a great time to try water sports. Of course, these sports are recommended for people who have no fear of water, otherwise they can get very discouraged

And what water sports are we actually talking about? Let’s start with swimming itself, which is the basis for other water activities. If you’re a pretty good swimmer and you enjoy it, you can also try surfing and kayaking

Swimming – strengthens muscles and shapes the body

You think swimming is a rather simple art? Nothing could be further from the truth; moving in water requires considerable effort, which significantly influences the work of many muscles. Interestingly, a skilled swimmer must overcome much greater resistance than someone who runs. What muscle groups work hardest in a swimmer? These are primarily the arms and legs, as well as the abdominal muscles. Although this is also influenced by the style of swimming, depending on which one you choose, you can model specific parts of your body. Swimming also reduces stress, which has a positive effect on our health. It improves blood circulation, and thus strengthens the heart and significantly lowers cholesterol levels

What does kayaking do for our figure?

Kayaking is also a water sport which positively influences our silhouette. It is a great activity, also recommended for amateurs of this Olympic discipline. Rowing itself strengthens not only the muscles of the arms, but sculpts the entire silhouette. It is great for shaping back and shoulder muscles. How does it actually work, someone will ask directly? When paddling a kayak all the upper muscles work. After all, by dipping the paddles into the water and pushing off, we are doing a powerful job because we are putting a lot of force into it. With each stroke of the paddle, we tighten the muscles of the arms and the entire body. So kayaking is the perfect way to develop a V-shaped physique.

Surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing – provide good coordination and agility

What do these three water sports have in common? A board! And the only difference between them is the way you ride your board while riding a wave. First of all, to start practicing these water sports, you need to be a perfect swimmer. You can’t afford not to have swimming skills, because you risk your life and health. Do you associate surfing with Hollywood productions straight from the Californian beaches and athletic women as well as men? There is no denying that they have perfect weather conditions to practice this sport, but in Poland in the summer season you can also do it. Remember, however, that water sports in this category already require very good motor coordination and flexibility. And how do they shape the figure? Keeping on the board perfectly shapes the balance

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