Yoga – why have so many people come to love it and why should you too buy a pass for these classes?

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It is said that in a healthy body, a healthy spirit. However, this saying has much more truth in it than it may seem, especially in the case of yoga, which in recent years has become one of the most popular physical activities not only for celebrities, but also for hundreds of thousands of women around the world.

So if you’ve never had the chance to try it, before you buy a mat and head to your first class, get to know its benefits!

Why is yoga so popular?

In today’s busy world, where every day we are exposed to dozens of stressful situations, yoga is like a soothing plaster. It positively affects not only our physical condition but also our psyche. It is defined as one of the safest and most relaxing forms of physical activity.

All thanks to the fact that it derives from the Indian philosophy, which is based on maintaining balance between the physical and the spiritual. Therefore, it allows not only to slim the silhouette, improve physical condition and stretch muscles, but also to calm down, relax and relieve pain resulting from muscle tension. All thanks to the fact that each asana (yoga position) is based on synchronization of body movements with breathing.

Who can practice yoga?

Huge popularity of yoga is not only due to its great impact on our body, both physically and spiritually, but also due to the fact that almost everyone, regardless of age or gender can practice it. Yoga will be an excellent physical activity for both people who practice other sports on a daily basis and those who choose the couch and Netflix instead of the gym in the evenings. In addition, it is especially recommended for people working behind a desk, because it has an excellent impact on the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle, which, due to many hours spent sitting, are exposed to tension that causes pain

Advantages of regular yoga practice?

Possibility of practicing yoga by almost everyone, even pregnant women, is not the only advantage. This type of physical activity also has a great effect on

  • immunity of the body,
  • body flexibility,
  • improving posture,
  • motor coordination,
  • improving mood and calming down,
  • regulation of blood pressure

Depending on the chosen techniques and asanas yoga can also have a positive effect on calming the body before sleep, eliminate the effects of long-term stress or on the contrary, give energy to act

Despite appearances practicing yoga can also help to burn extra pounds, because among its varieties you can find techniques based on more dynamic movements and breathing techniques that support fat burning

First steps with yoga – where to start?

People who want to start their adventure with yoga practice have two options to choose from. The first one is to find a school or fitness studio in your area that offers this type of classes and group exercises. However, in this day and age, such a plan may be difficult to implement due to pandemic issues

The second option, then, is to do the exercises at home using, for example, instructional videos on Youtube such as this one

In either case, however, the following tips will be useful

The right attitude

Many people underestimate yoga because of its static nature and the pace of the exercises. However, after the first asanas, they find out how wrong they were. Practicing yoga requires proper motor coordination and flexibility of the body. That is why you should not be discouraged after the first attempt, when most of the poses will not look the way they do for the instructor. With subsequent sessions we will gain practice and our body will allow us to do more.

The right outfit and mat

We don’t need almost any accessories or equipment to practice yoga. The only elements which are worth equipping ourselves with are a mat which is 4-6 mm thick and properly matched to our height and which provides proper support for our body as well as our attire. To practice yoga it is best to bet on a comfortable outfit consisting of leggings and sports top or tight T-shirt. This will allow you to observe the movement of your body and muscles and easily correct them if necessary

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