Are morning naps healthy? The answer to this question may surprise you

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Although one or two naps right after waking up sound innocent, in reality, experts have no doubt that they can take a toll on our health in dangerous ways. How is that possible?

Admit it – how many times have you set another alarm after the first one? Well, we are sure that each of us has done it. And as long as you happen to set your snooze irregularly, there is no big problem. The health problems – especially for your nervous and endocrine systems – start when it becomes a habit.

Sleep experts at Sleep Clinic Services explain that a nap (no, not your bedtime nap) is about continuing to sleep and then immediately stopping. And even though we know it’s just an extra 5 or 10 minutes of rest, it will tell the body to start secreting sleep hormone. So… when it is awakened again after a few moments, in addition, the body also serves up extra doses of cortisol, the stress hormone. Do we need to explain what a disorientation this is for the body?

It is also worth mentioning that frequent naps can lead to deterioration of emotional and intellectual functioning. This condition can persist for several to tens of minutes after getting out of bed. Scientists also warn that the feeling of sleepiness may accompany us in such a situation even for several hours.

So what? Tomorrow wake up after the first sound of the alarm clock?

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