Do you know how to choose the perfect day and night cream?

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The ideal cream – does it exist? The answer to this question is not simple, but what is certain is that the market is full of cosmetics, among which you can certainly find something for yourself. Check how to choose a day and night cream!

Day cream and night cream – why this division?

Let’s start with why we divide creams into those ideal for use during the day and at night. Does such a division make sense? Absolutely. Notice that our skin has its own rhythm, which looks different during the day and differently at night. For this reason, a division into creams based on time is most justified. Can you still use a day cream at night and vice versa? Sure, but the effect will certainly not satisfy you. Trust us – it is better to use creams according to their purpose!

Differences between day and night creams

When it comes to a day cream, it should protect against UV rays, as well as have a tightening and lifting effect. It also does not hurt that it has a good mattifying effect, so that the skin will look great during the day. The consistency of such a cream is usually quite light so that the cosmetic is quickly absorbed and works to make the makeup last longer. In conclusion, the best day cream is one that protects your skin and moisturizes it.

In turn, the night cream should have a repairing and regenerating function, as well as nourishing. They are usually cosmetics with a heavier consistency and are not absorbed as quickly as their daytime counterparts. 

How to choose a cream for yourself?

The fact that it is worth using two different creams depending on the time of day is obvious to us. But it is also a fact that on the market we can find a whole host of different products offering different effects. How to choose the ideal day cream and night cream? First of all, pay attention to creams designed for your age group. The needs of the skin at different ages are completely different and this should be taken into account. In addition to your age, also pay attention to your skin type, because something different is required by dry skin and something different by oily skin. Fortunately, experts have cosmetics suitable for each of us.

Facial skin care is not just about creams

Definitely, the cream alone is not enough to make our care complete. First of all, in the evening you need to remember about thorough facial cleansing with the use of oil and micellar liquid, as well as toning. The skin should be properly prepared for the application of the cream and only in such conditions the cosmetic will work properly. If you do not notice the effects of the cream, perhaps your face is simply improperly prepared for its application?

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