Not only stilettos can damage our health. Here are models of shoes you should think twice about wearing

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Women love stilettos – they add sex appeal and always look great. However, they are not healthy to wear like some other models. Which shoes are worth thinking about buying?

Stilettos, boots, sandals, ballerinas, slippers – women love shoes. There are many women who even have a habit of looking at the footwear of a new person they meet. They believe that shoes can tell a lot about a person and their style. Unfortunately, often when choosing shoes in stores, we focus mainly on their design, price and whether they follow the latest trends. It turns out that whether they are healthy and comfortable many times goes down in the background. We check which models you should wear occasionally, so you don’t get tendonitis, hallux valgus, knee pain or ankle sprain

1. Stilettos – beautiful, but are they healthy for our legs?

Nothing gives a woman more sex appeal than high-heeled shoes. And according to a study in the “Journal of Experimental Biology”, in such shoes the weight of the body during walking is not distributed in an appropriate way, which can lead to a contracture, or even shortening of the Achilles tendon and inflammation. This means that after a long time of wearing heels, we may not be able to put on shoes on a flat sole, because wearing them will contribute to foot pain. It’s also very likely to sprain your ankle if you wear stilettos often. It is also very likely that you will develop back problems. Therefore, try to wear them only on really special occasions.

2. Platform heels – better for your health?

There is an established belief that, while thin heels are not healthy, the heels are the most healthy. That’s why many women opt for high platforms, which help to slim your silhouette and guarantee more stability. However, it turns out that platforms are not better for our health. Well, the sole (often several centimeters long) is stiff, which is not natural for our feet. The heel is much higher than the top of the foot, so the metatarsal bone is additionally loaded. The consequence of this may be degeneration. Additionally, if shoes are not stable and do not hold the ankle properly, it is easy to sprain the ankle. While these shoes look beautiful, especially when paired with summer dresses, they should not be worn every day

3. Comfortable and safe ballerinas? Not necessarily

Ballerinas, ballerinas or ballet flats – these are shoes that women love. They are quick to put on, fit into many outfits and are comfortable. In the opinion of many women – they are also healthy for the foot and safe. It is not quite so. Well, this footwear is hated by orthopedists! Ballet shoes may deform foot and damage knees. Why? This model has very thin sole, so it doesn’t provide any cushioning. Additionally, our foot often slips in them, that’s why we involuntarily (often unconsciously) bend our toes. Wearing them regularly can therefore contribute to inflammation of the plantar fascia, other inflammations, abrasions and corns

4. Flip flops – orthopedists say no

It’s hard to imagine a summer walk on the beach without flip flops. And this is another shoe model considered the bane of orthopedists. Flip-flops put strain on your foot muscles and cause toe cramps, as they are very unstable. It is also advisable not to wear them in places where there are a lot of people because there is a risk that someone will step on them, which will result in a fall and injury. In addition, flip flops often rub the area between your toes where the string or the shoe’s connecting bar is located

5. Emu boots – warm but not very stable

For many years, one of the winter hits have been emu boots. Just like ballerinas, emu boots have a flat sole and are big and wide, so they don’t keep your feet steady. This leads to sprains and is not comfortable in the long run. But it turns out that the biggest problem are boots, which are styled just like emu, because they do not contain merino wool, but artificial velour and fur. Such models are of poor quality, making the foot sweat in them. In addition, they are also rarely equipped with an anti-slip sole, so it is easy to fall – especially on ice or snow.

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