Brush or Comb? We tell you how to choose the best hair styling tool

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Brushes and combs are the basic tools we use to take care of our hair every day. There are a few basic differences between them. Make sure you give your hair the best care possible.

When to use a comb? It’s recommended by stylists and experts that a comb should be used primarily to comb wet hair. In the shower, after conditioning, comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb to smooth it out and get rid of any tangles. Start at the ends and work your way up to the roots. By brushing wet hair, you could expose it to more damage such as breakage and split ends.

You can also use the comb to distribute hair care and styling products, such as masks and lotions, through your hair. It will also work well for dividing your hair into sections when preparing different hairstyles or giving your hair volume by backcombing.

The brush is best suited for everyday use by people with straight and long hair. Those with short or very curly hair will usually opt for a comb. With a comb, we can prepare our hair for further combing with a brush

A good brush will smoothen it, make it shiny and healthy looking. You can also use it to massage your scalp. A brush with dense teeth or made from natural bristles, such as boar, will help distribute the natural oils from the roots of your hair to the entire length. You’ll use it to brush out any dirt or bits of dead skin from your hair.

Hairdressers and stylists often use round brushes. These will work well for blow-drying your hair when you want to maximize smoothness or slightly wavy hair.

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