What is moon water and why is everyone obsessed with it?

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Moon water is an unusual liquid from the borderland of magic, primal beliefs and nursing. How to prepare such a liquid and where can it be used? We explain!

According to primitive beliefs the sun is identified with masculine power and the moon with feminine power. Many superstitions and legends revolve around the moon. It is shrouded in a mysterious, even mystical aura. Whether we believe in superstition or not, the moon’s influence on our earthly lives is proven by scientists. The phases of the moon are correlated with the occurrence of earthquakes, they affect our mood and well-being, imprint on our sleep, influence childbirth, regulate the sea tides.

Lunar water

Moon water is nothing more than irradiated water energized by lunar power. Sounds strange? Such liquid has been used in folk medicine for centuries. It was believed that leaving ordinary water outside all night to charge it with lunar power would result in obtaining a liquid of great power. Moon water is still considered a powerful tool today. Its magical power is used by celebrities and enthusiasts of natural healing methods. We can prepare moon water ourselves or buy a ready-made product in alternative medicine stores.

How to prepare moon water?

Preparation of moon water is very simple. It is enough to leave the liquid outside for the whole night – from sunset to sunrise. The vessel with the water should be placed in such a place that the moonlight falls on it without obstruction. Moon water can be prepared in any phase of the moon. However, it is best to use full moon for this purpose. Moon water prepared this way will be maximally charged and versatile.

Place the pure water in a glass container and leave it outside. If you are going to drink it, make sure that the liquid you take is drinkable. Another important point of preparing moon water is intention. While leaving the liquid for lunar energizing, let us think about the purpose for which we are preparing it. This will further enhance the final effect.

Lunar water and moon phases

The phases of the moon favor the realization of particular goals. So if we care about strengthening the body, gaining energy for action, starting a path, it is worth to use new moon to prepare lunar water.

When we want to prepare moon water for skin care, rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle treatments, it is best to irradiate the liquid during the first quarter.

The last quarter is a time that helps in convalescence, weight loss and cleansing the body of toxins. If we care about such effects, then prepare moon water.

Moon water applications

Moon water has a rejuvenating, healing effect, strengthens our spirituality and energy. The positive effects from its use include both physical and mental aspects of our lives. We can take the water both orally – simply by drinking it – and externally, e.g. by wiping our faces or taking ritual baths.

Moon water is also suitable for cleaning crystals and amulets. It can be used when washing hair – it is supposed to be a means of accelerating hair growth and strengthening hair. Moon water can be used for watering plants. Thanks to such care they should grow fast and lush. We can use it for any purpose, even for cleaning the apartment or spraying clothes. Through such actions, we strengthen the positive aura of our surroundings, and thus indirectly give ourselves energy.

Main Photo: Ganapathy Kumar/unsplash.com

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