4 ideas for styling sneakers

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Comfortable and feminine. Sneakers deserve a special place in every young woman’s closet. They are extremely practical – they will go well with almost every look! And although today we present only a few suggestions for styling with sneakers, don’t be afraid to experiment. Mix and match to find your own style that reflects your personality. Here are our four inspirations

Denim is always on trend

If you’re looking for a safe choice that works for everyday, go for denim. Whether you opt for a button-down shirt, short shorts or classic mom jeans, this material will always go well if you add white women’s sneakers. You can add a touch of edge to your outfit by choosing flared pants and a too big denim jacket with pins to emphasize your unique personality. Whether it’s your favourite TV series, your favourite band or a childhood fairy tale you’re particularly attached to, personalising your outfit in this way makes you show what you’re really like through your clothes. That’s what counts most in fashion and it doesn’t matter what the trends are this season. Play with your closet, experiment with looks and make even plain white sneakers look interesting.

Feminine means comfortable

Just because you want to look feminine, it doesn’t mean you have to live up to the high expectations set by the media and your surroundings. Feminine means in tune with yourself. Feminine means comfortable. Feminine means comfortable. And that is why big Star sneakers paired with a dress is such a good choice. Create a light and girly look with floral prints or go for a sporty look with a t-shirt, sneakers and high hair. Are you ready for a formal event? There’s nothing stopping you from opting for sneakers, an airy, elegant dress and a shoulder bag in the summer – give your feet a rest and put your stilettos in the closet. Above all, you need to feel good in your clothes. This will make you feel beautiful and feminine.

Ditch the dress code

Want to combine sneakers with a women’s suit? Go ahead! There’s nothing stopping you from adding a touch of nonchalance or maybe even cheekiness to an elegant outfit Women’s tennis shoes they’ll look great with a trendy floral print, but don’t be afraid to combine patterns. If you wear sports shoes with an elegant suit, why would you skip matching stripes with flowers? It sounds controversial, but if you use one of the patterns only in accessories, it will really work. You can match it with a sporty backpack or an elegant shoulder bag – it’s up to you!

Are you a fan of skirts?

Do you like wearing skirts, but you’re afraid that sports shoes will overwhelm the delicate and feminine look? You couldn’t be more wrong. Choosing sneakers for such a set only emphasizes the airiness of the outfit, which is why it’s worth choosing such unobvious combinations. And what skirt will go best with sports shoes? Of course, it all depends on your preferences, but usually a midi skirt is the best choice for this combination. However, pay attention to your height – short and tight skirts are not recommended for shorter women. Paired with sneakers, they may optically take away a few centimeters from you. Of course, everyone’s figure is different and there’s nothing to stop you from testing several different outfits with skirts in front of the mirror. In the comfort of your own four walls, check in which combination you feel best.

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