Can a towel pose a threat to our skin?

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About the fact that bacteria live on many objects of everyday use, we know very well. However, few people are aware of the fact that these microorganisms that we transfer to the towel can often cause various types of skin diseases.

Daily skin care is an activity that most of us do regularly in the morning and evening. We remove makeup, wash our face with gel, apply toner, serums and various creams. And although this is actually a recipe for a beautiful and healthy looking skin, sometimes it turns out that following these rules does not guarantee a flawless face.
Pimples, redness, flaky skin… what went wrong? Sometimes the right answer to that question is… a towel. How is that possible?

How often should you change your towel?

Towels are usually changed once or twice a week. And although this gives you a sense of keeping them clean, experts say that a “regular” towel should be changed much faster. Why? Well, because these types of products are a source of germs and bacteria. And all this through dust, makeup residue or dirt, mixed with moisture. So how often should you change your towels? Every day, unless you own an antibacterial version. What is this “invention”?

What are antibacterial towels?

Anti-bacterial towels often have an antibacterial coating that prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Manufacturers of such towels often add silver ions to the material, which have antibacterial properties.

Try it out? We certainly will!

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