Which foods spoil our beauty?

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There are several foods that have a very negative impact on our beauty. If you try to eliminate them from your diet, you will definitely see a difference quickly. Your skin will become firmer and better moisturized.

Which foods are bad for your skin and hair?

  1. Alcohol

Surely, you have had your fill of wine or liquor. Small amounts of alcohol drunk in moderation will not make you notice any changes in the condition of your skin or hair. Unfortunately, more and more people are not able to drink alcohol in moderation, which not only has a disastrous effect on the internal organs, but also affects the skin. The skin becomes dull and bruises and swellings appear under the eyes. Hair also loses its appearance: it becomes dull and less elastic. Alcohol greatly accelerates the skin ageing process. If you drink alcohol regularly, you hinder the intake of nutrients that your body needs to grow properly.

  1. Cooking salt

French fries, salads and even sauces – all these products are heavily salted. Unfortunately, you can’t always check the ingredients for salt. However, you do have an influence on the amount added to the food you cook. Take care to reduce it and replace it with herbs and spice mixes. Excess salt in the diet results in swelling and dryness of the skin. People who consume large amounts of salt may notice dark circles under their eyes, dry skin and hair. The skin becomes much less firm.

  1. Fast food

A burger at McDonald’s once every two or three months will not make you look bad. However, if you dine at KFC or McDonald’s every day, you may feel the effects of such an unhealthy diet. Highly processed foods, including fast food contain many unhealthy, hydrogenated fats, as well as chemical additives and sugar. It is difficult to find vitamins or minerals in them. Skin deprived of vitamins and minerals is dry and not well nourished. Hydrogenated fats are bad for the condition of our skin. You will notice clogged pores, lack of radiance and roughness.

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  1. Fried foods

Fat itself, as long as it is consumed in the right proportions, does not cause negative effects. It supports digestion and is part of a healthy diet. However, the problem arises when you choose to fry in canola oil instead of the olive oil added to your salad. Deep-fried foods are not only hard to digest, but also have a very negative effect on your skin. This way of eating can lead to your skin aging much faster. Free radicals are the cause of wrinkles and loss of firmness.

  1. Sugar

While taking care of your figure, you probably avoid sweetened drinks, but white sugar can be found everywhere, even in products that are not sweet to taste. Sugar causes excess weight and has a negative impact on our complexion. Consuming sugar in excess makes acne symptoms worse. The skin becomes more rough and puffy.

What foods are good for our appearance?

To improve your appearance, you should eat foods such as:

  • vegetables and fruits – full of antioxidants that fight free radicals and improve skin condition,
  • whole grain products – contain both zinc and B vitamins; zinc has a positive effect on the skin, especially skin with imperfections,
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids – these can be found in seafood, oily fish, seeds and oils, among others; they have a restorative effect on the skin, making it firmer,
  • water – it is an essential element that will allow you to enjoy healthy skin, thanks to water your complexion looks younger – it is better moisturized and facial wrinkles shallow.

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    Main Photo: Angelos Michalopoulos/ unsplash.com
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