What is orange peel and how to fight it?

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Orange peel, or actually cellulite, is a common problem for many women. It appears in people with excess weight, but also slim and athletic. We suggest how to fight it, so that you can wear short shorts or a bikini on warm summer days without embarrassment.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is an unevenly distributed fatty tissue, which appears on the surface of the skin as unsightly folds. Visible to the naked eye lumps, or fat cells, when they increase in size, compress blood vessels and contribute to poor blood circulation and metabolism in the cells. All this causes poorer absorption of oxygen and nutrients, so water lingering in the tissues enlarges them, creating cellulite. Most often it appears on the thighs, abdomen, arms and buttocks. Lack of exercise, poor eating habits, tight clothing, stress and smoking are the main causes of orange peel. Cellulite also causes health problems related to poor posture, cardiovascular system, too much estrogen and at the same time too little progesterone. The severity of cellulite is determined on a 3-point scale:

1 – Cellulite invisible, when standing and lying down, the skin is smooth, when the skin is squeezed, small bulges and depressions appear.

2 – Cellulite is more visible, skin is smooth when standing up, slight dimpling, lumps and small nodules appear when lying down.

3 – Visible cellulite, when standing and lying down, there are visible protrusions, larger nodules are separated by fibrous tissue, pain may occur due to the pressure of nodules of fibrous collagen on nerve fibers and capillaries

It is worth to prevent cellulite and not let it appear. To do this, take care of appropriate physical activity tailored to your abilities. Do not wear clothes that put pressure on the skin and very high heels. Under the microscope should also take your diet, remove sugar from it and limit the intake of salt, carbohydrates, highly processed foods. In the fight against cellulite will also help roller, creams and cheeses, which additionally take care of the condition of the skin.

How to fight cellulite?

The fight against cellulite is difficult. If you notice its signs, it is best to immediately take an interest in the problem. In the first and second phase, the chances of getting rid of it are the highest. The third phase is the most difficult, then the only chance to get rid of orange peel are professional treatments in beauty salons and aesthetic medicine such as needle mesotherapy, carboxytherapy or fractional laser.

Below you will find home remedies to fight cellulite.

  • Anti-cellulite massage – one of the most effective methods is a regular and systematic massage performed using a Chinese bubble. You will need a firming or anti-cellulite oil for it. You need to rub it into the skin, and then apply the bubble, suck it and move it over the skin in opposite directions. This will break up the subcutaneous fatty tissue, leaving your skin smooth. Unfortunately, the procedure may be painful at times and bruises may remain after the massage for a few days
  • Peeling – performed 1-2 times a week not only removes dead skin and cleans clogged pores, but also oxygenates cells and firms the skin. It will also stimulate circulation, which is very important in the fight against cellulite. You can buy a ready-made scrub in the store or prepare one at home with firming and warming properties. You need grounds from ground coffee, any lotion or coconut oil and cinnamon. Mix all the ingredients and make a scrub. With regular use at least twice a week, you will notice the first effects after a month.
  • Hot-cold shower – hot baths are not recommended for cellulite problems. It is worth taking a shower with alternating hot and cold water. Warm water relaxes blood vessels, while cold water contracts them. Such showers can be taken after each bath, but also after a scrub
  • Diet and physical activity – these are key elements in the fight against cellulite. To your diet should be introduced products that promote metabolism, such as groats, sprouts, vegetables, fruits, herbs, lean fish, whole grain bread, products rich in fiber and vitamins. Don’t forget healthy oils, nuts and dried fruits. Avoid fatty, salty and calorific foods, chocolate, strong coffee and tea, alcohol, limit meat consumption. Drink plenty of water and remember to exercise regularly.
  • Proper care – to fight cellulite you will also need lotions, milks and creams with moisturizing, elasticizing and smoothing properties. Particularly noteworthy are those that have in the composition of ginkgo biloba, caffeine, pineapple, retinol and algae

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