Holographic Platform Boots – The Ultimate Rave Shoes

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If you love rave music and going to raves, but hate how clunky and uncomfortable most shoes are when you’re dancing, then these holographic platform boots are just what you need! With these rave shoes, you can dance all night long in comfort, style and flare! Read this blog article now to find out more about how these shoes will improve your raves forever.

Why you should wear them

Wearing these shoes will make you feel like a true rave princess. They will stand out in the sea of people, and get you noticed right away. Not only are they stylish, but they are also comfortable, so you can dance the night away without any worries. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of shoes to wear to your next rave, then these holographic platform boots are just what you need! They come in lots of different colours that all look equally as awesome, so no matter what your style is there is a shoe waiting for you. These shoes give off a 90s vibe with their colour scheme and design, which makes them even more fun to show off. You’ll be able to dance around all night without ever getting tired because of their incredibly high heels. You won’t have to worry about breaking an ankle with these sturdy boots on either because they go up past your knees and provide ample protection. 

The bottom of the shoe is reinforced with rubber spikes that keep you grounded while still giving you enough traction if it gets slippery on the dance floor. 

If you want an accessory that stands out from everything else at the rave, then this is definitely it! You won’t regret spending money on them because they will be worth every penny in comfort alone.

How to buy the best ones

The best way to buy holographic platform boots is to find a reputable seller. With so many knockoffs out there, you want to make sure you’re getting the real deal. If they don’t have anything, move on and try another one until you find the right pair for you. Another thing to consider when buying them is how high you want your heel. High heels are great if you’re going to be standing up all night, but can be very uncomfortable after a while. Low-heel platforms are comfortable, but may not provide the same level of support as high heels. It also depends on what type of shoes you usually wear. If you’re someone who usually wears flats or pumps, then this might be perfect for you! 

A good idea is to wear the shoes around before deciding if it’s the right fit for you. You’ll know within minutes whether or not these shoes are worth buying and wearing at your next rave. 

If you still need help making your decision, talk to friends who go to raves often. They will know which ones work well!

What about safety?

Be sure to wear shoes that are comfortable and have adequate grip. If you’re going to be on a slippery floor, make sure your shoes can withstand the surface. Wear clothes you feel confident in and find flattering. Dancing for hours on end is not good for your body, so don’t forget to take breaks and stretch often. Make sure to bring an extra pair of socks because many rave outfits are hot and sweaty! Bring cash because there will be lots of vendors trying to sell various items. Remember: always have fun! A lot of times people think they need specific clothing or accessories but this isn’t the case. You should wear something you feel comfortable in, like the outfit from our example photo above! As long as it’s socially acceptable, anything goes- remember what is most important about going out at night or to any event for that matter: having FUN!

main photo: unsplash.com/Tony Pham

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