Pores – what are they and how to reduce their appearance?

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When they appear on the skin, it immediately loses its attractiveness. Dilated pores look unsightly. How to get rid of them?

Our skin, especially facial skin, is exposed to various harmful external and internal factors. What appears on it is a reflection of our general state of health. There are, however, situations when all skin imperfections are the result of improper skin care. A rather bothersome problem are enlarged pores, which many women do not know how to deal with

What are pores?

You dream of a smooth and radiant complexion but you have a problem with enlarged pores? What exactly are pores? Pores are tiny openings in the skin, the mouths of hair follicles that are visible on the complexion. The occurrence of enlarged pores is often associated with excessive skin seborrhea – the more sebum our skin produces, the more visible the pores are

The problem with enlarged pores is most common among people with oily, acne-prone skin. Many of us (most often unconsciously) cause clogging of pores and as a result their multiplication and enlargement. What does it result from? An unforgivable cosmetic sin for women is not washing makeup or its remnants before going to bed. It is the remains of cosmetics that accumulate in the pores and clog them, causing excessive skin seborrhea. Therefore, if we do not want to cause skin problems to our face, we should take care of its thorough cleansing.

Just washing off make-up is not enough. Skin nourishment and moisturizing are also very important. First of all, we need to remember about regular hydration. We should use natural cosmetics, without silicones and parabens and alcohols that irritate and dry the skin. The composition of cosmetic products should include, for example, natural extracts from herbs and vitamin complex (especially nourishing and moisturizing). Pores can be more visible with age, because the firmness of the skin then decreases. Hormonal disorders and stimulants (especially cigarettes) also have an influence on their appearance.

How to reduce enlarged pores?

If we already have clogged and enlarged pores, how do we reduce their visibility? And how to eliminate excessive sebum secretion by the skin?

You can’t get rid of pores on your face, but you can reduce their appearance. The basic principle, as we have already mentioned, is a thorough skin care routine, appropriately selected for our skin type. We should cleanse our skin in the morning and in the evening and always remember to remove make-up in the evening. It is best to wash your face with cool water, because it will slightly shrink the enlarged pores

It is also important (regardless of the season) to use moisturizing creams with high filters, which protect the skin from the harmful effects of external factors: wind, sunlight and smog.

You can also buy pore-tightening creams at the drugstore or pharmacy. Such products contain in the composition of AHA acids and retinol, substances responsible for tightening pores.

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