Body neutrality – a new movement is the answer to body positivity. What is it about?

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The body positivity movement is a lifestyle trend that has become a part of taking care of yourself, but has also entered the fashion and beauty industries. The answer to indiscriminate body love is body neutrality. What is this new trend?

The term body neutrality appeared in the public space in 2015 and gained popularity thanks to trainer Anna Poirier. She popularized it by teaching body neutral classes at a wellness center in Vermont, USA. Their goal was for exercisers to understand that loving one’s body completely was impossible to achieve. A neutral approach and treating the body as a tool to pursue one’s own dreams and goals was to help in the relationship with the body. At the center of body neutrality are the possibilities of the body that it gives, not its appearance. It is thanks to it that we have the strength and possibilities to work, learn, move, experience, dance and develop. Body neutrality can be a prescription for those who feel pressured to love their bodies indiscriminately or to constantly work towards the perfect figure. The concept of bodyneutrality seems to be a healthy answer to a peaceful, stress-free and harmonious relationship with one’s own body, which we respect and accept but do not create pressure. It’s a balance that empowers us to accept our bodies and live with them in peace and harmony

Will you join the body neutrality movement?

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