Light version of Christmas. We suggest what dishes to reach for to enter the New Year in the old jeans

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Preparing for the holidays is an intense period, especially when it comes to the culinary part of the pre-Christmas rush. At that time hardly anyone counts calories. And the kilograms are growing. However, there are ways to avoid gaining weight. How to “slim down” the holidays?

Christmas time for many is associated with a time of blissful laziness and unfortunately, to put it mildly – overeating, not to say binge eating. The dishes look so beautiful that it’s impossible to eat them with your eyes only. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you have to gain a few extra pounds at the holiday table. After all, many dishes can be prepared in the light version. Check out how to do it so that you still fit into your old jeans after the New Year!

You can “slim down” traditional Christmas dishes. How to do it?

Food should serve to satisfy the feeling of hunger, but during the holiday season food takes on a symbolic and ritual meaning. Multigenerational tradition is associated with specific, often fatty or sweet dishes, so during holidays it is difficult to change dishes for others – healthier and leaner, but it is possible. After all, health and an impeccable figure will be needed for the New Year period, and then the carnival, so it is not worth overloading the stomach on holidays

Instead, it is worth slightly modifying the composition or preparation of Christmas dishes, in order to slightly reduce their calorie content. It is also important and helpful to plan family gatherings in such a way that sitting behind the table is only one element of spending time with each other, not the only one. Walking is always a recommended activity, no matter the weather.

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Avoid this during the holiday season

If you’re going to be able to fit into your old jeans in the New Year, you should completely abstain from sweetened and carbonated drinks during the holiday feast. Let’s also avoid homemade compotes with lots of sugar. After all, you can replace them with water and fruit or herbal teas, which in addition have a good effect on digestion. It is healthy to start Christmas morning with a glass of warm water with lemon, preferably drunk on an empty stomach. It is a real energy boost and in addition will stimulate metabolism

During the holiday time try to limit alcohol, which unfortunately is very caloric and increases appetite. A glass of red wine made as a toast will not hurt, but already a few glasses can unfortunately end up in uncontrolled gluttony for us.

Modify Christmas dishes

Christmas dishes tempt us with unique flavors and aromas that we don’t encounter every day, which is why they taste so good. Christmas dishes, however, are quite fatty, but there are ways to “slim down” and prepare them in the so-called light version. For example, when we decide to prepare pasta dishes, let’s reach for those made of whole grain. Meat dishes should be baked or boiled (preferably steamed) instead of fried

Poles love flour and potato dishes. Remember that traditional potatoes may be replaced with groats or vegetables, which are easy to digest. When choosing meats, make sure they are natural and light. Salads – during holidays we love to serve them, especially those dripping with mayonnaise, cheese and lots of eggs. But you can give up some of the ingredients, and you can replace hard to digest mayonnaise with the light version or, for example, with natural yoghurt and it will be tasty too!

For seasoning dishes and salads we can choose healthy oils such as: olive oil, linseed oil or grape seed oil. As far as traditional Christmas Eve dishes are concerned, instead of fried carp, let’s serve it baked or a modification of tradition – meatballs made of this fish. We can also resign from hot carp and bet on fish in jelly.

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