Jewelry – a simple way to enhance your look

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Even the simplest and most inconspicuous outfit can become a very original creation thanks to accessories. Jewelry is a great way to create unique outfits for everyday and festive occasions. See how to choose accessories, especially jewelry, for different occasions

How to wear jewelry as a set?

Jewelry is often sold in sets. A set of bracelet, earrings, ring and necklace in the same cut and with the same stones can be found in most jewelry stores. Women’s jewelry should be worn in certain configurations to avoid overloading your style or even kitsch. If you want to wear a set of jewelry, bet on one type in the face and neckline area and one on the hands. Too big concentration of jewellery in one place may cause comical effect and take away elegance from your outfit. Earrings are best combined with rings and necklaces with bracelets

Where to buy jewelry?

To emphasize both everyday and evening style, jewelry has to be of good quality. Trashy, quickly deteriorating accessories can ruin the whole outfit and make it lose its class. Even artificial jewelry has to be bought in the right places. Jewelry store usually offers not only earrings or bracelets, but also other accessories, which will emphasize an outfit. A purse tag, interesting hair accessories or key rings can liven up an outfit and change its character. Jewelry from a good store will add spice, color and texture to your outfit

Jewelry for Everyday Outfits

An important aspect if you want to wear jewelry is to match it to the occasion. Wearing too serious and elegant setting for everyday informal outfits is a popular mistake among women. Instead of long, sizable and richly decorated pendants, opt for celebratory necklaces, which will be much more appropriate for everyday casual outfits. On your hands, too, avoid rings with large eyelets that look like they came from Queen Elizabeth II’s collection. Thin rings, small cubic zirconia and subtle embellishments are perfect for lovers of everyday glitter. Even sporty outfits can benefit from fine jewelry. If you are a real magpie who loves all kinds of glitter, even plain leggings and blouse can be decorated with jewelry

Jewelry for going out

If you are going to a wedding, a lavish dinner or a banquet, you have to match your evening dress with appropriate jewelry. For a simple dress, without decorations and accessories, you can wear striking, substantial jewelry. Especially on dark colors, silver with decorative stones will stand out wonderfully and emphasize the whole creation. With large pieces of sparkle, you will definitely stand out from the crowd and look phenomenal. If your dress already has its crystals or is sewn in an unusual, ornate way, you can keep the jewelry to a minimum so that the creation does not have too many embellishments

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, as Marilyn Monroe sang. There are some true magpies among women who love to wear all sorts of trinkets. Jewelry is the most elegant and classic addition to styling. Well-chosen is suitable for any situation and allows you to completely change a simple, boring outfit

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