How to deal with brittle hair?

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The causes of damaged hair can vary. The most common causes include unsuitable hair care, unskilled bleaching or colouring at home, a nutritionally poor diet or too frequent use of styling appliances. Here is a list of steps, which you can take to improve the condition of your hair

Refreshing Your Hairstyle

If the ends of your hair are crumbling in your fingers, it’s a sign that you should go to the hairdresser. Postponing the decision to trim your hair will only postpone your visit unnecessarily, because brittle and split ends will not repair themselves. You should have your hair trimmed regularly. If you are interested in hair style makeovers Poznań there are many professional salons where you can treat your hair to regenerative treatments like oiling, botox therapy, infrared and ultrasound smoothing, and a moisturising sauna. A professionally conducted hair care treatment is a guarantee that the hair will be nourished. It is also a good opportunity to consult a hairdresser, which cosmetics to choose for our hair type and how often to use them.

Home care

If you want long lasting and visible results, make sure to complement the salon therapy. Regular oiling of the hair at home, as well as the use of cosmetics for the reconstruction of damaged and stressed hair will restore nourishment to the fibers. Masks, moisturizing oils for the ends and heat-protecting spray conditioners work best. The best solution is a hair mask, moisturizing oils for the ends and heat-protecting conditioners with spray. If you struggle with increased hair loss, try a root stimulating treatment. These types of formulas usually extend the life of the hair during the growth phase and have a thickening effect.

A Balanced Diet

Nutrition has a significant impact on the condition of our hair. Many women struggle with hair loss caused by deficiencies in fatty acids and vitamins such as A, C, D and B12. It is worth doing regular examinations in order to control your health and to supplement missing components on an ongoing basis. Supplementation is especially important during autumn and winter.

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