10 reasons why you should do squats every day

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Squats are a very popular type of exercise that women in particular have come to love. There is no better way to firm up your glutes! Let’s learn the techniques of performing this exercise and the reasons why you should do squats every day.

How to do squats?

Every exercise performed improperly can make us get dangerous injuries. To perform squat correctly, it is worth to pay attention to these details:

  • feet should be positioned slightly wider than our hips and point slightly outward,
  • back should be straight and neck should be stretched out,
  • abdomen should be tight,
  • during the squat the weight of the body is placed on the heels, and not on the toes – in this way we prevent the heels from pulling away from the ground,
  • being in the squat stay in this position for at least a second,
  • inhale when you lower your body, and exhale when you rise.

Why is it worth to perform squats?

Squats will primarily strengthen our legs, but that’s not the only reason for this type of exercise

You build muscle mass

If you want to build muscle mass, squats will be perfect for it. This is the most effective exercise for building up the lower body, including the calves, thighs and buttocks. By the way, you develop the muscles of the lower back. In a desk job the lumbar region is extremely important. Squats will make us feel pain in this area less often. What’s interesting, during squatting not only work leg muscles – we also strengthen abdomen and whole back.

Improve heart function

Squats are multifunctional exercise that will strengthen not only your leg and back muscles, but also your heart. You can perform them with more or less load, which allows us to gradually improve our condition. This in turn improves the work of the cardiovascular system, just like other cardio workouts.

photo by Andrea Piacquadio/ pexels.com

Increases skeletal muscle endurance and performance

This exercise will help you increase your skeletal muscle endurance capacity. By adding a heavier load or an extra series to each workout, you will gradually improve your results and also strengthen your muscles.

Improving coordination

Squats require precision, so while performing them your coordination will improve.

Accelerate fat burning

This exercise contributes to burning fat faster. It combines cardio training with fitness exercises. You can also perform squats with weight, which will have an even better effect on your muscles and figure.

All benefits of squats are scientifically proven

For centuries squats have been used in various types of training. They can be seen in combat sports, including karate and sumo. Scientists confirm their positive effects on our body. Squats strengthen bones and connective tissue. Interestingly, you can also feel an increased surge of energy, fewer insomnia problems and improved endurance.

They are simple to perform

We don’t need the help of a trainer to perform squats. All you need to do is watch a few videos on YouTube, and make your first attempts in front of a mirror.

You don’t need equipment to perform them

To do a squat, all you need is a willingness, comfortable clothes and a piece of free space. If you don’t want to do weighted squats, you won’t need any special equipment or weights. For jump squats, all you need are good athletic shoes and a cushioned exercise mat.

Firms your glutes

Squats have a great effect on the appearance of the buttocks, lifting them much better than many corrective underwear!

There are different variations of this exercise

There are several types of squats, so your workout can be varied

– high bar back squat – squat with a barbell on your shoulders,

– front squat – front squat,

– sumo squat – sumo squat, with legs wide apart and knees pointing outwards,

– bulgarian split squat – squat on one leg, while the other leg is bent, and the foot is placed on a chair or exercise bench,

When performing squats it is important to calculate the number of repetitions. The best number is 6 to 18 repetitions per series. At the beginning do not overdo the intensity. Each time, add more repetitions to yourself in the series.

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