How to avoid dry skin?

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Dry skin is problematic. How is it actually different from dry skin? How to care for it and how to avoid dryness? We suggest in this article.

Dry versus dehydrated skin

The following terms are often used interchangeably: dry skin, over-dry skin, dehydrated skin. In fact, dryness is a permanent feature, and dehydration and dryness occur periodically. Any skin type can suffer from dryness, but the problem increases with age, especially during menopause in women. Dryness is also influenced by external factors, such as hot, dry air or improper care.

On the other hand, dehydrated skin is extremely dry. However, dehydration is also a temporary condition that requires proper care.

How to care for dehydrated skin?

First of all, it is necessary to avoid factors that can cause skin dryness. This includes excessive exposure to the sun, all kinds of pollution, as well as dry air or sudden climate changes.

It is also important to use the right cosmetics. They should eliminate the harmful effects of these factors on the skin. Such preparations include: ichthyol soap, lipid creams, as well as those that strengthen the hydrolipid barrier. It is also worth reaching for them when we know that the skin will be exposed for example to a long stay in an air-conditioned and heated room or on a plane. It is good to protect it with a layer of moisturizing cream. It is worth taking it with you to add another layer when you feel the need.

It is also important to use high SPF sunscreens, not only in summer. In spring, when the first sun appears, it is also important, because it can be dangerous for the skin. In winter, on the other hand, filters are useful especially in the mountains.

It is worth using a regular moisturizing treatment, which easily and quickly improves the hydration of the skin. For this you will need masks, thermal water or a good moisturizing serum. It is best to moisturize dry skin as often as it needs it. Even during the day if you feel it is red and burning. Especially for women, a thermal water spray that can even be used over makeup is a good option in this situation.

Men and women with dry skin should not let moisture evaporate from the epidermis. Thus, wet skin should not be left to dry, but should be dried gently and moisturizer should be applied.

To keep your skin moisturized, you need to drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy diet. It should be rich in healthy fatty acids. They are present, for example, in oily fish, nuts, avocados and oils.

What kind of cosmetics?

First of all, cosmetics should be selected according to the needs of the skin. Each skin type requires different care, depending on whether it is dry or oily. A young person with dry skin will also need a different moisturizing cream, and another one for mature skin. You should also pay attention to the needs of allergic skin, sensitive skin and skin with atopic dermatitis, because they are particularly susceptible to drying.

Too “aggressive” treatments and cosmetics should be avoided. So it is not advisable to use high-intensity acids, alcohol-based preparations or deep peeling. They can damage the protective barrier of the skin, and this will aggravate the problem of dryness.

Using emollients is a good option, especially if your skin is itchy and flaky.

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