3 ways to deal with menstrual pain

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Every woman knows the feeling – menstrual pain. It is not just a slight discomfort that we feel for a few hours. We know very well that pain during menstruation can prevent us from functioning even for a few days. So what can you do to make your period more bearable and less painful? See what natural remedies we have!

First of all, if every month the pain is so strong that you can not move out of bed, you vomit, fainting occurs or other pathological situations, it is necessary to contact a gynecologist. Of course, sometimes a bad cycle happens and two such situations a year is no reason to raise the alarm. However, if the situation is repeated notoriously, it may be a symptom of a serious disease, for example, endometriosis

Heat works wonders

If you don’t want to or can’t take painkillers, a great way to relieve cramps and menstrual pain will be heat. If you don’t have a heating pad, you can make a makeshift one yourself from a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. However, it’s worth having equipment at home that holds heat better, is more environmentally friendly, and reduces the risk of burning. You can buy a cherry kernel hot-water bottle at https://nature-solution.com/duzy-cherrypad/. The heat dilates the blood vessels, so the uterus does not have to contract as strongly to expel the contents. A warm bath or shower can also help, but be careful not to spend too long in a stuffy, foggy bathroom as this can lead to fainting.

Drinks to help you during your period

A very effective drink to help relieve menstrual pain is red wine. A glass of wine can successfully replace a painkiller tablet. Also it dilates the blood vessels, alcohol has a warming and analgesic effect, so wine will be very effective. If you do not want or cannot drink alcohol, rest assured! There are herbal infusions that will also help you deal with the pain. An infusion of raspberry leaves is known for its diastolic properties, helping to speed up the course of labor, for example. Besides raspberry leaves, infusions of yarrow, basil, nettle, and calendula are also effective. Herbal infusions made from these plants or a mixture of herbs prepared specifically for menstrual pain will certainly help reduce the pain

Menstrual cup

If you are using tampons and are struggling with severe menstrual pain, a change to a menstrual cup can make a huge difference. Doctors confirm that it is the healthiest menstrual product for women. It has the lowest risk of causing toxic shock syndrome, is completely non-invasive to the body, and is very easy to clean. Recent studies also show that switching from tampons to a menstrual cup significantly reduces menstrual pain in 70% of women. It is also a very environmentally friendly change, as one silicone menstrual cup can last you up to 10 years, while other menstrual products produce tons of non-recyclable trash

Virtually every woman struggles or has struggled with difficulties during her period. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions and do what you feel like doing on the first days of your period. Get plenty of rest, lie in bed all day if you want, but if you feel it will help, try some exercise. A light yoga practice, for example, can significantly improve your mood. However, if you don’t have the strength to exercise, lie in the bath with a glass of wine, make yourself a mask, eat a bar of chocolate and sip it with wine. Remember – during the period all tricks are allowed.

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