Hot bath or cold shower? Find out which is more beneficial for you

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You’re planning to relax and unwind after a hard day, but are wondering whether to take a long hot bath or a quick cold shower? The temperature of the water has a significant impact on our well-being, and which form we decide on depends on what we expect from it.

The basic question we need to answer is: What do we actually want from a bath? Do we want to feel stimulated and refreshed, or do we need deep relaxation and tranquility? Water temperature has a great influence on our well-being. Cooler water – up to 25°C hardens our body, stimulates blood circulation and speeds up metabolism. A lukewarm water temperature of 26 to 35°C relaxes the muscles and brings relief, especially on hot summer days. Hot water from 36 to 38°C will help you relax after an intense workout or a hard day at work. It also relaxes muscles, relieves joint stiffness and opens clogged skin pores, therefore leading to the release of toxins.

Quick, cold shower for refreshment

A cold shower will bring instant refreshment to your body. For some, it can even replace their morning coffee. When we will find ourselves under the stream of cool water, fatigue will begin to pass, mental efficiency will improve, blood circulation and thermoregulation of the body will improve significantly, and what’s most important – our metabolism will absolutely speed up. In addition, thanks to regular cold showers, we can fight against excessive sweating, because cold water closes the skin pores and has a beneficial effect on our skin and hair.

On cold shower should also decide people struggling with cellulite. During the shower it is worth to change the temperature of water several times – alternately hot and cold. Shower will have positive influence on our skin, it will firm it and add to its elasticity. Such shower also firms breasts and improves already mentioned circulation.

Warm bath for relaxation

A hot bath is a good idea for the evening. Immersing the body in a tub full of warm water will bring us relief and relax tense muscles. It is a relaxing way to unwind and calm down after a hard day. When is a hot bath recommended? It is worth taking it especially after intensive physical effort, because it minimizes pain and allows to avoid painful soreness

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You can take a hot bath every 2-3 days. Remember that it should not last longer than 20-30 minutes and the water temperature should not exceed 37°C. However, such a bath is not an ideal solution for everyone. People who have very dry skin or problems with capillaries (which dilate under the influence of heat), must resign from long lying in the bath. Then a hot shower comes with relief. A stream of warm water should be directed at the neck, neck and shoulders – the effect will certainly be satisfactory.

A hot bath is not recommended during pregnancy and menstruation because it causes vasodilatation, e.g. in the chest and abdomen, which can lead to impaired blood flow through the placenta and to hypoxia in the baby. The high temperature of the water during bathing also raises blood pressure, and this can unfortunately cause placental detachment, miscarriage, hemorrhage, and even premature birth. Hot water weakens the body a bit, so it is also not recommended for women during menstruation, especially during the first days, because it can increase the abundance of bleeding.

So, hot bath or cold shower?

Both methods have both advantages and disadvantages. Scientific studies show this based on people who work out. Hot water baths can be effective in relieving pain after light workouts when muscles don’t need much recovery. Such a bath can relax tight muscles and prevent stiffness. Cold water baths, on the other hand, are soothing after slightly heavier workouts and help reduce the soreness of soreness.

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