Pimples in the bikini area. Where do they come from and when do you need to seek medical attention?

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Are you struggling with pimples in the bikini area? You’re not alone. Pimples, which appear all over the body, can also pop up in intimate areas. Find out what the causes of their appearance are, how to deal with them and when medical intervention is necessary.

Pimples in the bikini area – where specifically can they appear?

Pimples in intimate areas most often appear below the panty line, in the groin or on the buttocks. There are also cases when pimples pop up on the labia and even in the anal area.

What are the causes of pimples in the intimate area?

The causes of the appearance of pimples in the intimate area can vary. However, the most common influence is contact with some irritant or sensitizing substance. These include, for example, intimate hygiene products, lube, hygiene products such as sanitary pads or tampons, condoms, laundry detergent, and even underwear itself.

Sometimes the cause of the appearance of pimples in the bikini area can be folliculitis. It is caused by a bacterial infection in the hair area. Such eczema is, unfortunately, quite painful. To prevent inflammation, it is necessary to take care of proper hygiene, especially when depilating, and not to wear too tight underwear.

The appearance of pimples in the intimate area can also be responsible for the so-called inverted acne. The reasons for its appearance are not fully known. Bacteria accumulate in the hair follicles, which lead to inflammation.

If small, clear blisters appear in the genital area, they may be caused by a viral infection caused by molluscum contagiosum. It can be transmitted sexually.

Do pimples in the bikini area hurt?

Whether pimples in the intimate area cause pain depends on the cause of their formation. Those with inflammation may cause itching, while others will be completely painless.

How to get rid of pimples in the bikini area?

To get rid of pimples in the bikini area, and at the same time prevent the formation of new ones, it is important to remember to maintain proper hygiene. When choosing products for washing intimate areas, pay attention to the composition. This will help you eliminate substances that sensitize or irritate you.

Also remember to use comfortable, snug-fitting underwear, sewn from natural materials. Too tight and artificial panties can cause numerous intimate infections.

If you remove hair from your intimate areas, pay attention to the way you do it. Sometimes it is necessary to change the method of depilation. If you shave hair with a razor or epilator, remember to maintain proper hygiene – accessories should be disinfected after each use. The skin after depilation is usually irritated, so do not expose it to all sorts of harmful agents.

Sometimes pimples in the bikini area can appear immediately after a visit to the pool or tanning bed. Such places can contribute to the development of various types of intimate infections. That is why it is necessary to take special care of hygiene of intimate areas in common places.

If pimples in the bikini area appear regularly and do not want to go away, it is necessary to visit a dermatologist or gynecologist. The specialist will determine what is causing the pimples and choose the appropriate drug treatment.

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