3 beauty benefits of raspberries

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Raspberry during the summer reigns in Polish gardens. It is extremely easy to care for, and you can enjoy its taste until October. It is not only a delicious fruit. It also has many beauty properties

Raspberry – Polish beauty superfood

Raspberry has a number of beauty and health properties. This is due to the high presence of flavonoids, vitamins and minerals. It is a source of vitamin C, B group vitamins, and in its composition you can find biotin, niacin and folic acid, which have a positive effect on nails, skin and hair. Moreover, it contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron and copper, and its red color is due to the presence of flavonoids

  1. Eating raspberries eliminates the negative effects of sunlight

The skin is damaged by high exposure to UV radiation. In most cases it increases the amount of pigmentation, the appearance of pigmented moles, and deepening of wrinkles. Regular consumption of raspberries can prevent this. Eating fresh fruit and using creams with UV filters is a guarantee of beautiful and nourished skin. The fruits help to fight the negative effects of the sun’s radiation, and also have a rejuvenating effect, thanks to the microelements, phenolic compounds and vitamins they contain

  1. Rejuvenated complexion thanks to raspberries

Raspberries contain phenolic compounds such as flavonoids, anthocyanins and ellagic acid. They not only protect the skin against photoaging, but also delay the natural aging process and protect the complexion against free radicals. In turn, microelements such as copper and iron stimulate the synthesis of collagen, so that wrinkles become smooth. Beta-carotene contained in raspberries has a similar effect. Remember that raspberries are a rich source of vitamin A, which rebuilds the epidermis, unifies the skin tone and regulates the secretion of sebum

  1. Beautiful hair and nails thanks to raspberries

These small red fruits contain large amounts of biotin, otherwise known as vitamin B7. It has a positive effect on the condition of hair and nails. It stimulates the hair follicles, the hair strands grow faster and single hairs do not fall out so often. It has a similar effect on nails. Under its influence they become harder, stop splitting and grow faster

A handful of recipes for natural cosmetics made of raspberries

With raspberries you can create many homemade cosmetics. You can make them in less than 10 minutes from products that almost everyone has at home. Here are some of our suggestions that will work wonders on your skin

  1. Raspberry scrub

To make a cosmetic you will need

  • a glass of raspberries,
  • one cup of semi-liquid coconut oil,
  • a cup of brown sugar,
  • a tablespoon of honey,
  • a few drops of lemon juice.

To start with, crush the raspberries thoroughly. Then add them to the remaining ingredients. You can apply this scrub to different parts of your body and gently massage it into your skin. The cosmetic does not contain any synthetic substances, but it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is worth putting them to good use!

  1. Raspberry face mask

To make the mask you need

  • a dozen raspberries,
  • 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt,
  • a spoon of semi-liquid honey,
  • spoon of flaxseed

Clean raspberries and mash thoroughly. Then gently drain off the excess juice. Add all the above mentioned ingredients to the fruit. You can immediately apply the mask on the cleaned skin and gently massage it. Leave it on your face for 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Remember to avoid the eye area when applying the mask

  1. Raspberry Hair Mist

To make a homemade hair mist you need

  • a dozen raspberries (about ½ cup),
  • ca. 200 ml of aloe vera juice
  • a small teaspoon of panthenol
  • a teaspoon of lemon juice,
  • a very fine strainer and an empty atomizer bottle

In the first step, clean and thoroughly crush the raspberries. Then pour the aloe vera juice over them and mix. Strain the mixture through a strainer. Add a teaspoon of panthenol and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix everything together and pour into a small bottle. Shake it so that all ingredients are combined. Use the mixture on damp hair and after swimming in chlorinated and salty water. Keep in the refrigerator for up to 14 days and shake before each use

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Main photo: Polina Kovaleva/ pexels.com

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