What should hygiene look like during my period?

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Intimate hygiene is important in everyone’s life, but it should be a priority during menstruation. How to stay fresh during menstruation?

Menstruation is a special time for women. Although the accompanying symptoms, such as fatigue, weakness, or irritability, may feel different for each woman, the hygiene issues are always the same. A significant number of women complain about increased sweating during their period, but the biggest challenge is proper hygiene of intimate areas. How to take good care of yourself during menstruation?

Hygiene during the period

Proper intimate hygiene during menstruation is very important, because with proper care of intimate places, we do not allow the growth of bacteria. Especially in the first days of your period, when the bleeding is the heaviest, you should remember to wash as often as possible, especially during hot weather. Do you wonder whether water alone is enough or is it better to use an intimate hygiene liquid? Opinions are divided on this topic, but the liquid should not irritate the skin during menstruation. It should contain natural lactic acid that supports the defense mechanisms against external irritation

During menstruation we can use a mild intimate hygiene gel. Which one will be the best? It is worth to reach for a gel enriched with moisturizing aloe extract or allantoin, which soothes irritations and regenerates the epidermis. We also recommend gels with chamomile, which has anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties, and with green tea, which helps to maintain proper pH. A good substitute for intimate hygiene liquid and gel is a foam. However, we should resign from soap. Why? Because the vagina’s pH is between 3.8 and 4.5, and soap is alkaline and has a pH of 8.5. That is why you should look for intimate hygiene liquids and gels which do not contain soap in their composition, so as not to weaken the natural protective barrier of intimate places.

And how to take care of hygiene when you have to spend many hours outside the house? Then it is worth to have intimate hygiene wipes, which refresh and help to maintain proper pH.

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What else should we remember about during menstruation?

In “those days” we should often change sanitary pads or tampons. How often? Preferably every few hours (every 8 hours maximum), and in case of heavy bleeding (especially on hot days) they should be changed even every hour. If we neglect to change menstrual protection, we may unfortunately lead to a life-threatening toxic shock syndrome, i.e. poisoning caused by toxins produced by Staphylococcus aureus.

Do not forget that hygienic products used during menstruation should not be perfumed. Wash your hands thoroughly every time you change a tampon or pad. For individual comfort it is best to test a few hygienic products in order to choose the best one for yourself

Remember that the abundance of bleeding is important and on this basis you should choose the size of pads and tampons. At night we usually do not change these products unless menstruation is too heavy. Some gynecologists recommend wearing pads instead of tampons at night so the blood can flow freely. During your period it is also better to avoid hot baths in the bathtub because the high temperature may increase bleeding. A quick shower is the best solution

During menstruation it is also worth dressing properly, especially in terms of underwear. It is best to wear underwear made of natural materials, e.g. cotton. Underwear should also be airy and quite elastic. Ladies at this time most often reach for panties and boxers. Thongs should not be worn during menstruation, underwear should not be tight so as not to cause discomfort.

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