Kobido Massage – everything you need to know about it

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Kobido is a type of massage which has its roots in the Far East – China and Japan. Due to its unique properties it is sometimes called a non-surgical face lift. Formerly the privilege of emperors, today a favorite of celebrities. Why do they love this treatment so much?

Kobido massage, as befits an element of Eastern medicine, is a real beauty ritual that follows strictly defined rules. It is characterized by intensive action on the deep layers of the skin, but without internal interference, as is the case with, for example, hyaluronic acid or botox injections. Here all cosmetics are applied only to the very surface of the skin.

Kobido differs from a regular facial massage mainly in the level of complexity, duration, as well as type and speed of hand movements performed by the masseur. The first step is the relaxation of the facial muscles, followed by the lymphatic drainage, and finally by the proper lifting action and the whole ritual ends with acupressure. Sometimes the massage is combined with other procedures such as kinesiotaping – applying special tapes to the face in order to enhance the lifting effect.

The advantages of Kobido massage are first of all:

  • smoothing and improving the tension of the facial skin
  • eliminating wrinkles
  • brightening of dark circles under the eyes
  • younger look
  • stimulation of cell metabolism

Contraindication for massage due to its intensity is any inflammation and irritation of the facial skin.

Depending on the salon, in addition to the face and scalp, massage can also include the neck, shoulders and / or neckline. All of this, of course, affects the time of the treatment and its price. To achieve and maintain the desired effect of young, smooth skin it is best to make an appointment for several sessions and repeat it regularly. However, you will notice the first differences after the first massage.

See the effect before and after (in the video you will also find a discount code for the treatment):

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