5 simple and healthy lunch meals you can take with you to work or school

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Eating lunch during classes and responsibilities is the key to a fresh mind. It gives you a dose of energy that allows you to be more efficient. We present some quick and easy meal suggestions for everyone.

Why eat lunch at work or school?

Nutrition and a balanced diet have a huge impact on the functioning of our body. When we are hungry, we are often unable to concentrate and become irritable. Skipping meals does not do us any good; in fact, it deprives us of essential nutrients. It is also difficult to keep track of our daily calorie balance and portion sizes.

A lunch during work or school has a beneficial effect on our mood and performance, which is what we want. It should be based on wholegrain and nutritious products, lean protein, vegetables and fruit. Also note that some dishes will need to be stored in the fridge, so you need to have access to it.

Groats with vegetables

Groats are very healthy and it is worth including them in your daily menu. If we add vegetables to it, we get a simple dish that we do not have to think about. Literally anything goes here, even leftovers from dinner or products that need to be eaten quickly before they spoil. These can be raw, roasted and cooked vegetables.

Strawberries, pomegranate and pear are great to break up the flavor. And depending on your preferences, you can replace the groats with wholemeal pasta or brown rice.

Sweet or savoury tortilla

You can fill the tortilla with any kind of stuffing – the mixture of the above mentioned vegetables, but also with pieces of turkey, lettuce, tomato, peppers and mushrooms or in a more sweet version – salmon, mango and sandwich cheese. Each time we can slightly modify the recipe and explore new flavors.

Vegetable medley

A vegetarian lunch suggestion, on the other hand, is a vegetable medley, which we can easily make in one pot the day before. What can we use? Onions, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, mushrooms – there are really many ideas. We cook everything until it is soft and well combined with each other. Wholemeal baguette or rice will go well with this dish. You don’t even have to heat it up, because it also tastes good cold.

A sandwich in several ways

Sandwiches do not have to mean a white roll, butter and a slice of cold meat. They can be a perfect meal, if we approach them properly. At the beginning we choose bread – wholemeal, dark, replace butter with vegetable paste, hummus or crushed avocado. Add a piece of baked or cooked meat (or fish) and vegetables – tomato, cucumber, bell bell pepper, radish and… sprouts. A complete meal is ready! And for dessert an apple, grapes or a handful of dried fruit will be perfect.

Fruit pancakes or sweet lunch

Lunch at work or school does not have to mean a dry meal. A great idea are pancakes with additions. You can add pieces of apples, blueberries or bananas already at the stage of preparing the pancake batter. Ready pancakes put into a container, and in other compartments put natural or Greek yogurt and fruit. It is also worth adding some jam or raspberry or maple syrup of good composition. Such a sweet and colorful lunch even invites you to eat it quickly.

Main photo: Toa Heftiba/unsplash.com

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