Thermocut – what is this revolutionary method of cutting hair?

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Have you heard of hot scissors yet? Thermocut involves cutting wet hair with hairdresser’s scissors heated between 90 and 150 degrees Celsius. Why should you opt for this treatment?

Trimming your hair prevents split ends and thickens the hair visually. Of course, there is no obligation to have your hair cut short. However, hair stylists recommend that you trim your hair quarterly. Many people mistakenly assume that it is better to let their hair grow freely. This is a mistake because it contributes to keeping your hair in poor condition

The innovative Thermocut method is especially suitable for women with long hair. They often complain about thin, damaged and split ends

How do hot scissors work on hair?

Hair consists of three layers, which are responsible for moisture and nutrient levels. Ordinary clipping leaves the ends unsealed. In contrast, hot scissors do not interfere with the hair structure. The result is more volume, shine and bounce. The results are visible already after the first treatment

Thermocut method is more and more popular and available. It is time consuming for the hairdresser, as it takes twice as long as a normal haircut. In addition, it requires good hair shading skills

Are hot scissors safe?

Does the word “hot” make you think of danger? Nothing could be further from the truth because there is no way a hair stylist could burn his or her customers with this equipment. The scissors have a special plastic coating, which is resistant to high temperatures.

Would you try it out?

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